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KEVIN RAY: Guestbook

Blaithin O'Donnell

November 1, 2009

Recently been introduced to your music by a friend. Particularly nice accompanied by a glass of nice wine! Love the lyrics.
You've made it to Scandinavia, so why not plan a gig in Dublin, Ireland next?!


September 6, 2008

Hi Kevin! I met you at LAX a few weeks ago. I have finally gotten the chance to listen to your songs! Great stuff!

Pether Ostman

May 22, 2008

Hi readers!

On behalf of Continental Airlines Sales Team in Stockholm, Sweden (Yes Rachel, the rest of the world is getting to know what you know!) let me express our gratitude to have had the very pleasure of getting to know this fantastic artist! Kev, together with Jeffery, Darcy and Amanda from the Ellen's Stardust Diner on Broadway, NY entertained at a Continental event in our city last night. What can I say; "Ab Fab"! Tonight it's Copenhagen, Denmarks turn to have the pleasure. Kev and his team simply rock!! I am after some hectic days relaxing in my home to Kev's CD "Karakoe Town". Have it? No? Get it!
from a new fan,
Pether Ostman
GSA Marketing Manager for
Continental Airlines Sweden


May 14, 2008

Your biggest fan!
Can't wait for the rest of the world to know what I know...and they will.


April 27, 2008

Hi Kev,
I saw you at WPU with Christine Lavin on Saturday evening past. I am jazzed by your voice & lyrics! Been a long time since an artist caught my eye, I'm a huge Springsteen Jersey girl , uh woman fan! I coulda listened to you all night....Hope to see you again.


February 10, 2008

Just stalking you...

Gina Stickley

February 7, 2008

sign me up...i love your stuff

Chris Whiting and Jackie Clem

January 19, 2008

Glad to see/hear you are keepin' on. Hope you get back this way to see a show.


December 18, 2007

just looking

Debora Blanche

December 8, 2007

Hi Kevin!
I am from Brazil and I discovered your music in your website.
I am just amazed!!!
I already indicated for several friends.
But in Brazil I canĀ“t find your cd.
In which site I can get the letters of the songs?
Kisses and hugs

Lara D.

November 30, 2007

kev,nice beard. suits you. to dede rogers, there are people who can turn your chuck roast tapes into cds - Permitted by my bro (low sax player) in the band. kev. don't forget your chuck roast songs-

Josi Lee

September 25, 2007

hey kevin! got this info from Sara Thompson. sorry I missed the reunion- you look great!

Josi Lee

Dede Rogers

September 21, 2007

Kevin I still have a very worn with a yellow label cassette of Chuck Roast that I got in high school. Now I just need to find a cassette player (do they still make those?) Take care.
Dede Miliello Rogers

Kevin Ray

September 5, 2007

I googled my name and found your site. I'm a musician too. Like your music!


January 16, 2007

More! Soon? Makin' it to Austin this spring?


December 19, 2006

You're the shit Kev!!!

Dana Marie

December 14, 2006

Hey Kevin, We met at Josh G. birthday shin dig. How's it goin? Just checking out your site, nice.
Dana Marie

Jo Cullen

November 28, 2006

Hello Kevin I was in Stardust tonight an had a ball, Myself an a friend wen in at 7pm tues da 11/27/06@7pm an didnt leave till 12am it was so so so much fun. Hope 2head der again. myself an my friend Ciara wish ye all da best of luck xxx (",)

Christmas CD fan

November 25, 2006

Christmas CD is sensational! How can I purchase more?

your fans

November 20, 2006

more x-mas songs, please...

Kevin A. Ray

October 10, 2006

good can sing better then this Kevin Ray..haha


August 31, 2006

My husband asked me to do a search on a song, and I found this site. And I just wanted to say that I love the music and I am going to go out and by a cd by you. It was really good. Thanks for playing.

john rall

August 9, 2006

I'm listening to your CD "Radio Friendly" which brings me back to memories of Chuck Roast and PV-SD parties and friends. It is good to see photos and hear music of yours. Hope you are well and prosperous.

Johnny Rall


July 17, 2006

whew that was fun; the music too


July 14, 2006

Your Gay Friend is so funny and touching. I loved it.

Kevin Patrick Ray

June 22, 2006

this is weird because i love musical theatre, and i tried to start a 70's styled band in my town, and i love musical theatre, just please tell me your middle name isnt patrick


June 1, 2006

Whats up Kevin? I recently purchased both of your albums. Oh, I met you on the beach of playa del carmen. Take it easy.

Mike "The Sound Guy" Molitor

April 20, 2006

It was great to get to experience your talent and to get to know you a little during The Des Moines Playhouse "Pump Boys and Dinettes". I am looking forward to seeing your film!!!

Good luck in all you do!! You are GREAT!

ben rezab

February 19, 2006

you guys were awesome in Pump Boys & the Dinettes. My fiancee is working with you and got me hooked on your music.


February 9, 2006

Beautiful moving songs, richly textured vocals, I love it! Can't wait to see the live performance!

erin henry

January 28, 2006

hey kevin!
great website....wish i could make your birthday celebration but hope you have a blast. tell Ellens's I said hi :)

happy b day


scott drummond

December 21, 2005

great site!!
have a great Christmas and New Years! thanks again for singing at our wedding
your bro,

Lisa Gentile

December 6, 2005

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for writing to me. I'd be very interested in playing a set in Park Slope. When did you have in mind? Email me at the above address (the other is harder to reach me at) and we can exchange numbers and chat. Glad you found me... I really enjoyed your music.


December 5, 2005

Hi Kevin,

Just discovered your website from a link on the Gary Jules website. Absolutely love all the songs I've downloaded. Is there any chance you will ever come to the UK?


May 27, 2005

Hey Kevin,

Great performance last night...

nice to have met you, look forward to future endeavors - perhaps a collabo? Have a lovely weekend!


John Riedie

March 24, 2005

Hi Kevin -

I was one of the mentors at SXSW. I've listened to your stuff and wanted to let you know how much I like it. Send me your contact info.


Eliza Bell

March 17, 2005

We met on the subway last week--you gave me your cd. I liked it. How'd the job interview go?

Dana Varon

March 14, 2005

Hey Kevin. I met you a couple of weeks back at Teany. We chatted about booking gigs and music, etc. Was outta town but am back now and def want to catch one of your shows. Keep me on your list. D


January 19, 2005